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Thursday, November 17, 2011

When God calls a man, He assumes full responsibility for him

I figured I would post a general update as far as what's going on with Ian and I.

So much has happened in the last month... November has truly been NUTS!

Sometime around the middle/end of last month, Ian was let go from his job. This was kind of a blow, as you can imagine. I have no job and we relied on his income to pay for our needs.
We had about $300.00 a month coming in because I've been a part time intercessory missionary at the House of Prayer Northwest. Let's just say that wasn't going to cut it.

Since then, numerous people have stepped in and given us random donations or have agreed to partner with us monthly. We thank God for each of you that have helped us out in all kinds of ways. It truly means the world to us!

Before Ian lost his job, I had been feeling like the Lord was saying that we were going to both be in the house of prayer as our occupations by January. Of this year.
It didn't really make sense to me, since that's when our first child is going to be born, and who in their right mind would quit their job to be in full time ministry and live on faith the month they have a newborn? So, we believe that the Lord has had a hand in this and has forced us to step out sooner than we've expected.

Something that has struck my heart again and again whenever it crosses my mind, is a simple phrase that Gary Wiens (the director of IHOP-NW) said his father spoke to him when his family was in need:
"When God calls a man, He assumes full responsibility for him."

This phrase has been a source of great encouragement for us as we trust in the Lord to accomplish what He has said His will is for our life.

Last month, we had around $300.00 monthly in partnership. We are so thankful for those partners who have stuck with us as we have tried to work out what partnership should look like over the past year. We really can't thank you enough for your patience with us!
This month, we have jumped to about $1,500.00 in monthly partnership and Ian has taken a part time job at Lifeway Christian in Southcenter to make up for what we don't yet have.

We are so excited about what the Lord is doing. He spoke to both Ian and I separately about a year ago that we were to remain in Washington (our plan was to move to Kansas City) to be missionaries at this house of prayer and that He would make a way for us to both be there. And now, it seems that the Lord is truly bringing about what He has promised to us.

The faithfulness of God amazes me again and again, and from what it looks like, we'll probably continue to be amazed as God leads us into His plans for our life... cause truly, when God calls a man, He assumes full responsibility for that man. And He is taking care of us through some truly wonderful people.

Blog Introduction


I decided to officially start a blog. It's not that big of a deal, but I kind of wanted to give it an introduction anyway.

Ian and I each at various times have things we would like to say. There are messages or revelations that touch us, that move us and that burn in our hearts. A convenient place to put all those thoughts is in a blog.

And it's also a convenient way to keep people updated on what's going on in our life, where we are, what we're doing, how we're doing, etc.

The name of the blog (as you can see) is Living Stones: Furgason FamBam.

I chose it because of the verse 1 Peter 2:5 - you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

This is a significant portion of our family identity that we believe God is calling us to, and that we are readily agreeing with and are actively praying He would form in us.

The other part... Furgason FamBam... I liked because.. well... we're kind of young. Therefore I like things that rhyme, and us becoming a family, some people would say has happened rather quickly. BAM! It's just kind of happened! But the Lord has His hand upon us and as long as we set our eyes on the prize, we can do anything.

I think that about covers it for now. Hopefully we'll be posting updates on here for friends and partners real soon :)