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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thoughts From the PR - November 2011

Through these last seven months of pregnancy, the Lord has shown me some precious things about His heart towards me and towards His people.

While sitting in the prayer room one day, I began to feel David stir in the womb. This is a common occurrence by now and I love it! So much! He often makes sweeping motions with his little limbs across my belly and sometimes even tickles me. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me that in the very same way, my little movements move His heart and delight Him. When I reach for Him, longing just to get beyond the veil, and just past my flesh, He sees and knows. He feels it. And He responds.

And even as I place my hand on my belly to let David know that I’m here and that I feel him, that I can sense and care about his movements, the Lord places His tender hand upon me when I draw near to Him and to the line of separation that exists. 

Sometimes, when I place my hand on my belly, the palm of my hand doesn't get filled until David moves a hand or a foot into that spot. When I feel him move, my heart rejoices and is filled and satisfied. If I, being evil can feel so much pleasure over my child, how much more my Father in heaven? We satisfy our Maker, and were created to be fitly joined and be found in Him. What a joy!